Investment Planning

Our mission is to maximize long-term growth for clients. Though short-term markets provide investment opportunities, we avoid trying to out-guess the short-term market and focus on stability and a consistent approach.

Our Approach to Investment Planning

Because every personal situation is unique we take the time to get to know you, your future needs, your financial goals, and your investment-planning objectives. We recognize personal situations can change over time but our commitment to your financial security and service will not.

The first steps we need to take are:


The first face-to-face meeting to give us the opportunity to answer all your questions and get to know you as a person and what your most important objectives and needs are.


Gathering all of the information in our first meeting, we can begin to assess your current financial situation, and identify opportunities to start you down the path of financial success.


After assessing where you want to be in your financial future and designing a plan specifically for you, we can start implementing this plan and get you on track.

Wealth Management

With changing market conditions and personal situations we will continuously be in contact with you as is needed to periodically review and rebalance your accounts. This can be conducted via phone conversations, online meetings, face to face meetings, and email correspondence. You will also receive quarterly statements and have access to online account viewing.

Follow Up

Periodically we will need to update your account to make sure all of your personal contact information is up to date and your personal situation is applicable to the plan we have in place for you. We recognize that personal situations change as time goes by. Should your situation change before your next scheduled appointment with us, we welcome you to contact us to report any significant events. This helps us make sure your custom plan continues to be right for you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our White Rock office if you would like to talk to Noah Belcher about investment planning.